Wednesday, July 09, 2008

I was not prepared for that

The wisdom teeth. How can four little teeth cause so much swelling and pain? Well, the removal of them, that is. I was barely able to talk before Monday, let alone think or conceptualise in any way. I blame that on the painkillers and aftereffects of the anaesthetic. My mouth would barely open for the first five days or so, and my cheeks were swollen so that I was looking distinctly peculiar. I have eaten what feels like half my body weight in jelly (but it was so good...), and watched four-and-a-half seasons of Sex and the City on dvd. I'm just glad I never have to go through that again!


TIm S said...

Make sure you stay away from the movie then!

Ariel said...

Do you have square eyes now?

Anastasia said...

Tim: I saw the movie - no substance whatsoever, but I loved it anyway!

Ariel: last time I looked there might have been a slight angularity to the corners of the eyes... I'm back on the straight and narrow now!

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