Tuesday, January 01, 2008

2007 - the year that was

I picked up my morning pages journal the other day, and noted that the last entry was back in February. Towards the end of December 2006 I also revived the morning pages for a while - from 27 December until the middle of January. The turning of the year inspires reflection and a burning desire to make ambitious resolutions, which seem to often get lost in late January when life gets in the way.

2007 was a strange year for me - fragmented and unflowing. Many amazing things happened, and nothing was really bad, but somehow I feel slightly unsatisfied by the whole thing. I'm hoping that it was a sort of chrysalis time and that soon it will form itself into a butterfly!

Highlights of 2007 include:
  • Travelling to Europe for the first time and participating in the Brugge harpsichord competition
  • Co-creating and performing my own show in the Melbourne Fringe Festival
  • Co-composing and performing a 15-minute work for Musicircus in the Melbourne International Arts Festival
  • Moving into a fabulous house in Yarraville
  • Having a big realisation about my career and what I want to focus on
  • Writing two papers for my Masters that I was really happy with and want to try to get published
  • Becoming more comfortable with myself as a person, and continuing to learn how to be more self-aware and confident
I have great hopes for 2008!

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