Thursday, August 02, 2007

Free internet in Brussels

I am sitting in the cafe Mort Subite (sudden death) in Brussels using some lovely fast free wifi.

Brussels is completely different to Bruges - for starters it is much bigger, more modern (yet still old in the centre, but a different type of old), and less obviously charming, although I think probably ultimately more satisfying. Many of the streets run in straight lines, which is much easier to navigate than Bruges' constantly curving and taking you in a completely different direction to the one gou wanted to go in streets!

I am waiting at this cafe to meet Georg, with whom l will travel to Amsterdam this afternoon. So this is my last day in Belgium, where I have eaten delicious waffles and way too much bread (bread seems to be an indispensible part of every meal), drunk cherry-flavoured kriek beer, and meandered along medieval cobbled streets.


earthboy_rod said...

sounds good over there, wish it was more then just a lunchtime escape for me today... next year i guess.

thanks for blogging, it was an interesting read

Tim S said...

So, what do you think of the decision? Equal second prize?! How quaint.

Becky said...

Are you too busy having sex? Is that why you haven't written anything?