Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Morning Routines

I slept in this morning. I kept pressing "snooze" on my alarm, and finally got up with only just enough time to sink down a cup of coffee, grab a bowl of cereal, throw on some clothes and jump in my car. I've had a headache all day and certainly haven't been my most focussed or productive self.

How you start the day certainly sets the tone for the day, and a pleasant, relaxed beginning makes for a much more pleasant day. We all know what happens when we get out of bed "on the wrong side" - when we start the day badly it can be very hard to turn it around.

So what is a good start to the day? I sat down and wrote my ideal morning routine:

  • I would wake up at about 6am
  • make myself a nice hot cup of herbal tea (somehow I miraculously no longer need my caffiene hit before I can do anything)
  • write my morning pages
  • do some yoga
  • have breakfast, shower, etc
  • make a fanstasic cup of coffee, and carry it into my warm, light-filled studio to settle down at my harpsichord for a long practice session.
This is not something I have yet managed to do (and I have to work on that music studio!), and currently I am a complete zombie in the mornings, but nevertheless it is something I intend to work towards.

Morning routines seem to be an important part of many successful people's lives. 17 out of 20 top executives that Jim Citrin spoke to woke up before 6am to exercise, check email, and start the day in a relaxed manner; 36 people on 43 Things want to develop a morning routine; and bloggers everywhere (here, here and here) are analysing how best to start the day.

What's your morning routine?

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Leo said...

Thanks for the link! I love your morning routine. Sounds very relaxing and peaceful.

Anastasia said...

Leo ~ no problem! I'm yet to actually *do* my morning routine, but yes, I'm hoping that I can be that relaxed and peaceful person someday :)

Tim S said...

Woken by the boys, c.0530. Can't see, can't think. Coffee, coffee, coffee. Slightly grumpy. Improving.