Monday, June 26, 2006

Things are looking up

I feel like things have turned. The winter solstice is passed, the days will slowly start to get longer, the mornings less pitch black. I have cleaned off my desk, read David Allen’s Getting Things Done, listed all my projects and to dos, and set myself little reminders in my PDA. This morning I tuned my harpsichord at 8:15am, and then practiced until midday. I have a rehearsal tomorrow for a gig on Sunday, and for the first time in a long while I actually feel prepared. I had lunch with friends today, and even found the time to stop by the supermarket and buy coffee and packet mix to make cookies for tomorrow’s rehearsal.

Right now I am sitting in front of my fire, because the rest of the house is too cold, and I have been typing away into a document called “Random Thesis Stuff”. Just scribbles and starts and snippets, but I am taking baby steps.

I feel like I am finally taking some definitive steps in the right direction, that progress is starting to happen. This is a good feeling to have. Finally in the last couple of days I have felt really positive about my practice – felt that I was getting somewhere, and that it might actually be possible to do what I want to do.

I am listening to Ella Fitzgerald singing Gershwin, and drinking coffee. The music makes me want to dance.
If I should suddenly start to sing
Or stand on my head or anything
Don't think that I've lost my senses
It's just that my happiness finally commences

The long long ages of dull despair
Are turning into thin air
And it seems that suddenly I've
Become the happiest girl alive

Things are looking up
I've been looking the landscape over
And it's covered with 4 leaf clover
Oh things are looking up
Since love looked up at me

Bitter was my cup
But no more will I be the mourner
For I've certainly turned the corner
Oh things are looking up
Since love looked up at me

See the sunbeams
Every one beams
Just because of you
Love's in session
And my depression
Is unmistakably through

Things are looking up
It's a great little world we live in
Oh I'm happy as a pup
Since love looked up at me

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